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4 youngsters found alive after 40 days deep in the Amazon Jungle

 incredible Story of Survival in Colombia  four children found alive after 40 days  deep in the Amazon jungle they were  found on Friday after a long and  intensive search the siblings range in  age from just one year to 13 years old  they were traveling with their mother  when their small plane crashed on May  1st tonight what they did to stay alive  here's ABC's Arena Roy  the incredible images of four children  siblings found alive deep in the Amazon  jungle 40 days after a plane crash  the Colombian Army and local indigenous  people searching desperately for weeks  to find 13-year-old Leslie nine-year-old  Solani seven-year-old Tian noriel and  the youngest Christine just a year old  the jungle's dense canopy complicating  efforts from the air rescue teams  turning to Clues like Footprints and  half-eaten fruit the bodies of three  adults traveling with the children  including their mother and the pilot  were recovered weeks ago but the  children nowhere to be found Crews  dropping packages of food near the crash  site in hopes of helping them survive  then finally they were spotted less than  two miles from where their Cessna went  down May 1st after its engine failed  their Uncle Friday Overjoyed upon  learning they were still alive wait  officials say because the siblings are  from the Amazon the 13 year old had some  knowledge of how to survive in the  tropical terrain a relative tells us  that they are weak but doing fine  overall with that is good news  incredible story Arena thank you hi  everyone George Stephanopoulos here 

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