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The Cambodian Boy Who Sleeps with a Python

in Cambodia it's polite to bring a gift wing visit the family learn about to see has made a special request a chicken's cuz I won one they've asked for four fat chickens with the feathers but preferably dead sorry guys a plastic bag dripping with blood isn't the usual greeting token but this family can never have enough dead chalks inside a specially built annex they have one huge and hungry pet.

I don't believe this seven-year-old son Burt has bonded with a killer snake he calls it Cameron meaning lucky some would say some butts lucky it hasn't crushed him giant Burmese pythons have been known to turn on their owners but some butt sees his pet as a lifelong friend I know Powell an evening look neighbor pointer it's not the kind of reptile you'd normally want as a houseguest when it first crawled in it was the size of a thumb now it's big enough to squeeze a man to death yet neither some BOTS nor his parents are concerned who killed uncle Cameron I've been around I didn't Apple Gambia subclinical lion proper gave my icicle I saw mine before some but was born his mother Kim Canara dreamt a snake would come to protect them now the Baker called him my man Mike I will translate no background or human rule but when you ruin put junk a blue diamond armor.

 I did but I'm with your mommy Manami on Chrome Co Sakyamuni Impala Maha wait about Saturday no girl in Buddhism dreaming of snakes can be an omen of salvation the family has built a shrine in Lucky's annex and gives daily offerings to the spirits they believe sentence it's also made them local celebrities with hundreds coming from other villages to see the Python that's just as well as it now takes 4 min to move it but this is one of these like do you like snakes double honor cool dong-hyun women are your pal mom - okay my song Jung Nang can argue at all so my dad gave me that Tom calm the guy dragon gave me some get don't talk gonna be at out your tongue I even a poem are your album with have a slang lucky certainly likes to play to the camera and seem to form a deep if one-sided bond without cameraman Dave Leland at times I couldn't help thinking only a mother could love it - my supplier and tap ok to go more than welcome yum-yum-yum something .

I've done well if all this seems slightly familiar you might be thinking of the old Roger Kipling story jungle book about a boy called Mowgli goes to the jungle that meets up wise old Python well after a series of adventures the Python tells him it's time to leave the wild and become a man and that's the dilemma now confronting Sam but and his family a la una pelea de Tom take guitar iconian psi I'm ray I'm agent Olivia green or white male identity enough of a : Laguna to tango by hijacked the entire general not by and I could call trust in me just in shut your eyes hold still please for now every free moment is spent with his special friend his parents have come to accept some buds appetite for snake affection the rest of the village is hoping the snakes and the appetite is for chickens

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