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Cambodia submits report on implementation of democracy and human rights to Europe to curb EBA suspension

The Cambodian government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on August 12 submitted a detailed report on the results of The implementation of democracy as well as respect for human rights to the European Commission to prevent the suspension of immunity EBA tax. The report comes as the Cambodian government has put in place measures to protect the interests of employers if the union Europe suspends EBA from Cambodia

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ket Sophan confirmed to reporters on Wednesday evening that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cambodia has already responded to the European Commission by sending a detailed report in response to the questioning. Many points of the European Commission in its 30-page document. According to Ket Sophan, the report submitted to the European Commission is the result of Cambodia's efforts to strengthen space. Democracy, civil society, respect for human rights and the functioning of democracy in Cambodia.
Please be informed that the submission of the report to the European Commission now takes place after the European Commission has completed Proceedings of the first six months of the process of overseeing the implementation of Cambodia's democracy and human rights before Official suspension of the EBA. The first six months of the process were completed on August 12, and from now on The next three stages are the stages of mutual response through a report between the Government of Cambodia and the Commission. Europe. In other words, in the meantime, Cambodia needs to report its defense to the European Commission, and the European Commission will show its understanding. See your own Cambodian practice.
It is noteworthy that Cambodia is entering the second phase of the process of suspending the system. The Cambodian government is also ready to resist the EBA if the EU withdraws the EBA from Cambodia. . The Cambodian Ministry of Commerce, through a spokesman, told local media that the Cambodian government had introduced reform measures. Nearly 20 state institutions to reduce the challenges if Europe cuts off the EBA. These reforms include reducing the scanning of goods in containers to be shipped or imported. Reduce port fees, lift waterways, reduce electricity bills, reduce holidays for National Day, reform of customs institutions, removal of border checkpoints and the abolition of Cambodian shipping agencies.
Despite this, the Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia (GMAC) earlier this week issued another warning that if EU suspends EBA, injuring 750,000 workers Another 3 million families. Therefore, the Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia (GMAC) notes that Europe should not withdraw the EBA from Cambodia. This is according to a statement on August 12.
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