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OPPO announces huge awards for photography lovers around the world!

OPPO recently announced the 2019 OPPO Creators Awards at the launch of its Photography Association. Since its first show, "See Beyond" (#SeeBeyondWithOPPO) has garnered millions of views and thousands of comments on the show. From their passion for photography capabilities, OPPO is a brand that is always highly innovative. The category of photos that may have a chance to win the Creative Photographer of the Year 2019 award is based on the category of photos on the Night (Night) embedded new ideas (Creativity) refers to the landscape (Landscape) and refers to People.

Compete in the upcoming The OPPO Photography Talent Program. The other 10 contestants will each receive a cash prize of $ 1,500 and the next five contestants will each receive an OPPO Reno 10X Zoom. At the same time, professional photographer Nan Shan revealed his style of photography on how to dive or "Fish are diving".

"Smartphone photography is becoming more and more popular these days, making it easier for photographers to enjoy natural and realistic photography."

Not only that, the winners of The OPPO Photography Talent Program will be able to participate in a program to express their work in various forms of design to stimulate creativity in the field of photography, and in this program will have the participation of the team World-renowned photographers with direct experience. And this August, OPPO will host the Creators Awards Exhibition in Shanghai, China and Amsterdam, the Netherlands to showcase photos of the winners. The winning photo will be displayed on OPPO Wallpaper ព្រមទាំង as well as published locally and globally.
OPPO's latest smartphone, the Reno 10X Zoom, is capturing the hearts of photography enthusiasts and imaginative people around the world, as it comes with three cameras: The main camera zooms in with the long-zoom camera, which is recognized as a smartphone that can capture sharp images in almost any scenario on the camera layout for those who love camera technology and have experience in using it.
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