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UN convenes emergency meeting after India-Pakistan clashes in Kashmir

Tensions escalated today in the Kashmir border area that divides India and Pakistan. A series of shootings left several Pakistani and Indian soldiers dead. This is the first armed clash since Indian authorities unilaterally withdrew Kashmir. The autonomy prompted Pakistan to appeal to the UN Security Council for an emergency meeting this evening.

According to a Pakistani military spokesman, India is violating the ceasefire again, increasing shootings along the border. The disputed border that divides India from Pakistan and divides Kashmir in two. At least three Pakistani soldiers and two civilians were killed. According to the same Pakistani source who claimed that the Indian side also killed five soldiers, but New Daly denied this information.
The incident at the border, which is under constant pressure, is not surprising. Tensions in Kashmir have risen sharply in recent weeks, ahead of a decision to repeal the special status. Of Indian Kashmir on August 5. And if the diplomatic context is tense, the already disputed areas will definitely become more vulnerable.
And it was this morning that the Kashmir issue became the focus of a closed-door meeting of the White House. United Nations Security Council. Since August 5, Pakistan has called on the international community to intervene. Pakistan's foreign minister has held a telephone conversation with the European Union's chief diplomat in Beijing to meet with his Chinese counterpart. It is this Chinese friend who is salty and has given support to Pakistan, asking the Security Council to study the case Kashmir.
Jammu et Cachemire, or Kashmir, which is predominantly Muslim and has always been claimed by Pakistan, has been cut off. The outside world has no telephones, no televisions, no internet, no rallies since August 4, the day before the withdrawal of Kashmir. This. But Indian PM has announced that measures to block freedom of movement and telecommunications will be lifted soon. This face.
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