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Marie Kondo Biography


Marie Kondo (October 9, 1984) was brought into the world in Tokyo, Japan. Essayist and finance manager, renowned for being the maker of the Konmari strategy. A framework that makes sense of the legitimate approach to coordinating the home so just the important is accessible and what satisfies the proprietor, staying away from the collection got from the propensity to stick to the past. Kondo's strategy has turned into a pattern, after the distribution of her most memorable book The Sorcery of Request (2011), in which she digs into the technique and features the positive parts of request, underscoring the peacefulness and unwinding a coordinated house rouses, which will be reflected in the day to day routine of individuals residing in the home.

Early years

Kondo was intrigued at an early age all together and neatness, affected by magazines about design and the home that her mom purchased. While growing up, she invested a great deal of energy alone, since her mom dealt with her more youthful sister, who around then was only a child. During these years she considered and kept on developing her affection for request. At the point when she entered the organization she started requesting the racks while different understudies rehearsed sports.

After entering the College of Tokyo, she saw that requesting helped her visit quieted and discharge the pressure delivered by the examinations and partials. On one occasion she coordinated interestingly she encountered a condition of complete quiet and wonderful request, which spurred her to pick the association as a calling.

The Konmari technique

At 19, while learning at the College of Tokyo, she turned into an expert and made the Konmari technique, a Framework where she clarifies the legitimate way for coordinate the home and different spaces, so they become spaces of motivation and quietness, which somewhat impacts the emotional wellness of individuals who occupy the spot. The Kondo technique proposes the disposal of superfluous things, similarly, on a more private level, it advances the end of ineffective connections that don't emphatically impact the individual. The objective of the framework is to give joy and serenity to the individual who completes it.

Konmari depends on the means that Kondo continued in the association of her home, as well as specific parts of Eastern way of thinking, feng shui, and rousing training. This is separated into five stages: the first is the determination and association of dress, just what is utilized is picked, looks great or produces bliss to the proprietor. After the determination should be coordinated so everything is apparent and open.

The second is centered around books, just those that are vital are picked, keeping them from surpassing 30 books. The subsequent stage is the papers, keeping what is in power or important, then, at that point, they are put away in folios. The fourth step is the komono, likewise comprehended as different articles that you have in the home, for example, photographs, Cds, magazines, among others, of these ought to just remain what has extraordinary profound worth.

At long last, nostalgic articles ought to be chosen and coordinated, as referenced above, just items that have a profound wistful worth and that produce satisfaction ought to be picked. In the event that that isn't true, it ought to be disposed of since just articles that don't add to development would aggregate and tranquility of the individual. This strategy has been broadly spread since the distribution of Kondo's most memorable book, entitled The Wizardry of Request (2011), which was generally welcomed by general society. Presently sent off joy after request (2012), in which digs into the strategy and prosperity that it brings; in this manner distributed The enchantment of request. A showed novel (2017).

These books were changed into addresses, book recordings, and articles, through which, Kondo, has become one of the most conspicuous figures of ongoing years. After the distribution of these, the creator has taken part in different radio and TV programs in Japan and different nations, like Ellen Show and Rachael Beam Show. Likewise has been consulted when Magazine, The New York Times, The Money Road Diary, Vogue Magazine, among others.

In 2015, she was remembered for the rundown of the 100 most compelling individuals on the planet made by Time magazine, list in which the remarkable Japanese essayist Haruki Murakami has likewise been incorporated. As of now, her organization has an extensive rundown of clients whom she changes her spaces into spots of motivation and serenity. In January 2019, the series Cleaning Up with Marie Kondo was sent off from Netflix, in which Kondo is seen visiting and putting together homes in view of her technique.

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